NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science (FREE PDF)

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science contains very precise information to all the questions available in the NCERT Class 10th Science Textbook. These NCERT Solutions help students to tackle the questions that are complex and puzzling to solve.

However, our subject experts have curated these Class 10 NCERT Solutions in a way that guides students to answer all the exercises with ease. It further enables them to understand their weaknesses and strengths in the subject. While preparing these solutions the expert faculty has given attention to the prescribed syllabus.

All Chapter Wise Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions

The Solutions of NCERT Books of class 10 science helps students to cover the whole chapters thoroughly. Having a good knowledge of all these 16 chapters of science lays a great foundation for the further classes. Covering these chapters are essential as it enables the students to learn various topics from the exam perspective and competitive exam point of view as well.

Practising the questions of class Xth science helps students to strengthen their weak points in the subject. Further, it aids them in scoring good marks in the board examination. Referring to the chapter wise NCERT Solutions aid students in answering the questions in the most systematic manner. It teaches them the most appropriate way to answer some questions.

Here we have given the updated Class 10 Science Solutions that are based on the CBSE Syllabus and help students to cover the topics from easy to difficult.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 1st Chemical Reactions and Equations PDF

The chapter 1st of class 10th is the foundation of chemistry where students get to know about various chemical reactions and how to write the equation along with balancing them. This Chapter allows students to learn about various interesting chemical reactions and their properties. The given NCERT Solutions assist students to comprehend the all end chapter exercise and answer them as well.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 2nd - Acids, Bases and Salts PDF 

Chapter 2 Acid, Bases and Salts give students an opportunity to gain in depth understanding in the classification of Acid, Bases and Salts. Having a proper knowledge of the given topics in this lesson enables the students to prepare well for the Class 10 Science Board exam. However, while having difficulty in understanding the questions students can opt for class 10 NCERT Science for free of cost.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 3 - Metals and Non-metals Download PDF

After the classification of metal and non metals based on their properties this chapter aids students in learning the physical properties of metal and non metals. Apart from this, this lesson assists students to learn about the extraction of various metals and their ores. There are many subtopics such as chemical properties of metals, chemical reactions, etc. that have been covered in this lesson.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 4 - Carbon and its Compounds PDF Download

This chapter helps students to be focused on their learning and enables them to gather in-depth understanding in the subject. Carbon and its compounds allow learners to learn about various interesting topics such as Homologous series, Covalent bonding in carbon compounds, and more. Although this lesson is interesting, it could be challenging for some and that is why the students can refer to the given CBSE NCERT Solutions of class 10th.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 5 - Periodic Classification of Elements PDF

Without the availability of periodic tables it would be a great challenge for us to organise the elements based on various essential properties. However, the classification of elements in the periodic table has facilitated the numerous steps and given us the opportunity to learn about the elements in an organised manner. The NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science aids students to learn about the Need for classification in an easier manner. There are more interesting topics that have been covered in this chapter.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 6 - Life Processes (PDF)

If you want to learn about life processes then chapter 6 of class 10th science is a great study material. This chapter helps students to learn about all those 6 life processes that all living organisms perform. In order to understand the life processes this chapter has covered various interesting topics and subtopics.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 7 - Control and Coordination (Download PDF)

NCERT Solutions for Chapter 7 Control and Coordination ensure students have gained a good understanding in the given topic. This chapter revolves around the nervous system where various interesting things are shared to the student. Nervous system uses electrical impulses to convey messages and by receiving the messages the body parts respond.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 8 - How do Organisms Reproduce? (Free PDF)

In order to maintain the life process, reproduction is not essential. It could be possible by fission as well. The given topic How do Organism Reproduce allow learners to be well versed with the different modes of reproduction and the creation of a DNA copy. During sexual reproduction two individuals involves in the process and give a rise to a new individual.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 9 - Heredity and Evolution (Download Free PDF)

The chapter 9 in class 10th helps students to build the base in biology topics for the future classes. This chapter enables you to learn about heredity and evolution. There certain topics here that guide students to learn about the processes give rise to new similar or subtly different individuals. Using solutions will provide the utmost benefit in comprehending these topics more precisely.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 10 - Light – Reflection and Refraction (Free PDF Download)

The refraction and reflection can be learned by using the straight-line propagation of light. This lesson guides students to cover all the important topics mentioned in the NCERT Class 10th Science chapter 10 light - reflection and refraction. The topics studied in this lesson will assist you to study some of the most interesting optical phenomena in nature.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 11 - Human Eye and Colourful World [PDF Download For Free]

Our eyes have the ability to help us to see the colourful world however, the eye can not see any object in the absence of light. So this chapter is designed in a way that enables the learners to learn about the light and some of its properties. Myopia, hypermetropia and presbyopia are also discussed in this lesson.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 12 - Electricity

Electricity has become one of the most essential needs of the modern era. It has become a challenge for us nowadays to live without electricity. The chapter 12 of class 10th helps students to learn various interesting things about electricity such as their SI Unit, Resistance, and their impacts in our daily life.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 13 - Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

This lesson helps you learn about the magnetic effects that happen due to the availability/movement of electric current. Electricity and magnetism are two diverse topics that are interconnected. This chapter has been curated in a way that allows students to develop a good sense on this topic. 

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 14 - Sources of Energy

For all of us food is considered as a source of energy, however, our life is not dependent on food only. There are various sources and resources in our life that we use every day. So, this chapter guides students to learn about the uses of energy, their alternatives and more. As the population is increasing day by day and the need and lifestyles are increasing there is a need to be serious on improving the source of energy or making it more efficient.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 15th - Our Environment

Our environment will be incapable of producing the sources we will need by 2030 (It is an assumption). Therefore, it is very important for us to become serious about our environment. This chapter assists students to learn about the impact we are making on our environment. Furthermore, the more serious topics have been covered in this lesson.

NCERT Solutions of Chapter 16 - Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Free PDF Download

We can reduce some pressure on our environment by using the resources in a sustainable manner. This chapter deals with various ways on Sustainable Management of Natural Resources. Pollution, Ganga Action Plan, Wildlife Conservation, dams, forests, etc. topics have been covered in this lesson to make students aware of the sustainability of natural resources.

Features of Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions

Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions are considered as one of the best reference study materials for students preparing for class 10th board exams. It gives free solutions to all the questions present in NCERT Science textbooks of standard 10th. All the answers can be easily understood whether it is from the chemistry, physics or biology section of science. A few interesting features of class 10 science solutions has been mentioned below

  • Answers have been explained in a systematic way that allow students to easily comprehend the topics.
  • Pictures and graphs have been used to ease the students in comprehending the topics.
  • All the solutions are in accordance with the questions that are prescribed in the syllabus.
  • The answers are written very clearly that allow students to easily capture the steps and answers.

FAQs On NCERT Solutions Class 10 Science

Since the NCERT Science textbook is prescribed to the class 10th students the maximum number of questions are asked from the NCERT science class 10 solutions book. The subject experts have curated these solutions to provide students a hand holding support in answering the questions while practising.

Light chapter can be considered as an important chapter in class 10h science because it has a total weightage of 7 marks. Various interesting topics have been discussed in it such as Mirror formula, common laws of refraction, and more.

Yes, covering the whole science syllabus of class 10th is important from the exam point of view whether it is a competitive exam or board exams. However, this year the board has divided the syllabus into two terms. So there is some relief that students do not need to go through the full syllabus at once. There are limited chapters for term 2 exam for which students need to be well versed. In case of facing difficulty they can go for the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Science.

Class 10 Science NCERT Solutions have covered a total of 5 units. Each unit contains a different number of chapters. For instance the Unit II – World of Living contains 4 chapters. subject experts have prepared the NCERT Solutions Science of Class 10 that are freely available on this website. Students preparing for their board exams or any competitive exams can freely download these chapter wise NCERT Science solutions of 10th.