NCERT Solutions Class 12 Business Studies
NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies has been prepared to allow you to tackle the questions of BST with ease. These NCERT Solutions are very precise that aid students to cover a wide range of topics within less time. The given solutions aid students to practice questions that are included in NCERT books.

The word “Class 12th (PUC or Intermediate)” brings a different kind of anxiety and fear to the mind of students. It is considered a deciding year where students can either make or break their academic life. Scores ordinal results decide not only which college the student will end up in but also the stream, course, and the core subjects of study. It is very important for the students to give equal attention to all the prescribed subjects in order to identify where their passion and interest lies.

Class 12 is a very important year, however students are advised not to take any unnecessary stress. The scores matter in this class due to the further academic life. However, the factor on which scores depend is more on smart work than on hard work.

For sure, without regularity and consistent efforts in study, there is no way that a student can score high marks. Thus, to truly reach the desired scores, a student must know what to study and how to write answers in board exam papers. This is why many teachers, mentors, and seniors advise to use the solution book.

Once students download the business studies class 12 NCERT PDF solutions they are easily able to answer the complex problems and can solve the sample papers as well.

Chapter wise NCERT Solutions Class 12 BST

Class 12 Business studies contains a total of 13 chapters which has a wide range of topics to discuss among the students. Comprising all these chapter wise solutions, NCERT 12th commerce bst solution has become one of the best study materials for students to prepare for their board exams.

Chapter wise NCERT Solutions Class 12 BST are primarily to be found in PDF versions of solutions. These chapter wise solutions of BST in PDF gives students the ability to study and prepare for the exam anytime they want.

Class 12 itself is known to create a lot of stress, anxiety, and confusion for students, because this standard is a very important time in their life, that is why it is important to know about the mechanism to tackle that stress and anxiety. Also, it is like a phase of transition from pre-teens to teenage & adulthood are likely to hit while being in this standard.

In order to get some relaxation of the stress a student might face, such NCERT solution PDFs are made available for all of them. Business studies itself is interesting, however due to the lengthy syllabus it may appear as a challenge to handle the given chapters. Although, a candidate should be aware of how handy a Business Studies Class 12 NCERT Solutions PDF may be. 

Business Studies is such a theoretical-based subject that relates to real-life application examples. The solutions are also developed with the same intention to guide students to cover the topics available in the Class 12 BST NCERT solutions.

Class 12 NCERT Solutions Business Studies Explanation

Business studies deal with some of the most important concepts that are our requirement in everyday life to run it smoothly. Business is everywhere and we often come across this term.

Running a business is a challenge, some can do it in a less effort whereas some can not handle them without knowing the core of the business. However, running a business can be easily learned, in order to learn it easily and in a systematic manner the business study subject is the best. It makes the learning process quite easy and learners can gather information and various skills to handle the situation.

Running a business or being part of the business is not just about buying and selling products, it is more than that. Understanding people, work, expenditure, savings, investments, and such more things are an important part of a business, these affect the life and activity that we do in our work on a daily basis.

Through NCERT Class 12 syllabus these things become very easy to capture. Many important and interesting concepts, topics have been included in the NCERT class 12th Business curriculum. These things will aid the learners to build a strong base in the field of business.

Class 12th Business studies is very important as it holds the crucial and advanced topics. Generally from class 11th the bst subject is prescribed to the students who have taken the commerce stream. However, the standard 12th business studies have explanations of advanced topics that play a very crucial role in the board exam preparation and real life business.

The CBSE syllabus, along with the NCERT solution for Class 12 Business Studies assist students to gather a more in-depth understanding of the subject & matter that is being discussed in the NCERT Class 12th Business Studies Textbook.

Class 12 bst NCERT solutions is widely based on topics: business environment and the types of operations, and the various planning phases a business needs to undergo just to carry on their activities. A lot of crucial topics, for instance management and markets will be explored in these given solutions.

NCERT Solutions of Class 12 Business studies All Chapters Brief

Below is a brief look into the chapters of BST that form the syllabus for this subject.

  1. Nature & Significance of management
  2. In this chapter the concepts of management, its definition, etc. have been elaborated along with the traditional and modern concepts.

  3. Principles of Management
  4. The 2nd chapter continues with the explanation of what exactly the principles of management follow. Along with that this lesson has various examples to illustrate the principles of management.

  5. Business Environment
  6. In the beginning the word Business Environment can cause confusion. However the 3rd chapter is quite an interesting one, because it discusses what a business environment looks like and how exactly it operates. It also explains about the characteristics of a business environment.

  7. Planning
  8. Chapter four, includes many topics to discuss the wide range of planning processes for the business. The definition given by Fayol has been also elaborated in this lesson.

  9. Organising
  10. Another key point of a business is organising stuff and activities. This chapter talks about the meaning of organising and the process, structure of an organisation and more.

  11. Staffing
  12. You must have heard of the word HR in the companies. This chapter discusses Human resources (HR) in depth. Also, the process of staffing and recruitment.

  13. Directing
  14. In every business there is a need for direction so considering the direction an important part of business, this lesson explains about the meaning and characteristics of direction.

  15. Controlling
  16. When you are running a business it is important to have control on various things within the business and its activities. This exercise deals with the connection between controlling and planning.

  17. Finance and Management
  18. In this lesson, the roles and objectives of financial management have been thoroughly explained.

  19. Financial Market
  20. Floatation, stock markets, financial markets and such more practical topics have been explained in this chapter.

  21. Marketing Management
  22. Process of controlling the marketing aspects, preparing the goals of a company, organizing the plans, etc. have been elaborate in this lesson.

  23. Consumer Protection
  24. Every consumer requires protection, but why? This chapter includes the meaning of consumer rights and their protection.

FAQs On NCERT Solutions Class 10 Business Studies

Yes, NCERT Class 12th Business Studies are quite enough for CBSE students as it covers all the fundamental concepts which are extremely important from the board exam point of view.

There are a total of 12 chapters in class 12th NCERT Bst textbook.

In order to use the class 12 NCERT BST Solutions effectively, it is important to cover the whole basic concepts from the entire syllabus. Students first need to go through the given 12 chapters. Furthermore, they need to be well versed with all the given chapter wise solutions to practise the questions.

There are a total of 2 (Two) BST textbooks that are prescribed to the students in class 12th.

You can download the latest version of NCERT Solutions of BST class 12 from Selfstuddys.