NCERT Solutions Class 9

NCERT Solutions of class 9 enable students to learn the ways to answer the NCERT Textbook questions.


In the NCERT Book of class 9th, questions are given at the end of each chapter, solving those chapter-ends questions are important for 9th standard students as it will help them in knowing how much they have learned.

Referring to the NCERT Solutions, they get the opportunity to be well aware of a variety of methods to write answers to all the given questions.

In class 9, students are prescribed the syllabus for all subjects, including Maths, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, and more.

The solutions aid them in developing a strong grip on these subjects. Therefore, here is giving the NCERT Class 9 Solutions to help students to learn the methodology to answer the given problems.

All Subject Wise NCERT Solutions For Class 9

Using the subject wise NCERT Class 9 Solutions enable the learners to develop a strong foundation in the prescribed subjects.

The solution further helps students to comprehend the complex topics in an easy manner, due to this they can easily prepare for the scholarship and olympiad exams.

Apart from those examinations, these Class 9th solutions are ideal for the students of CBSE, UP, Bihar and such more boards who have prescribed their students the NCERT Class 9 Books.

Solving all the subject wise NCERT questions allows students to score higher marks in the final examination. NCERT Solutions Class 9 for all subjects are given here for free of cost and you can use these to answer the unsolved problems of NCERT Books.

It will also help you to tackle the difficulty level of questions. These solutions are prepared by subject experts by referring to the CBSE Class 9 Syllabus.

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Maths (Free PDF)

NCERT Class 9th Maths includes a total of 15 chapters all of them carry a lot of questions. Those students who want to score higher marks in their class 9th final examination should refer to these solutions to comprehend, how to answer the questions precisely?

Mathematics is one of the most important subjects, it doesn’t only help in board examinations but aids students in the real life situations as well. 

Comprehending the maths questions also boosts rational and creative thinking skills. Therefore, it is advised to the students to refer to these Maths solutions to practice questions on a daily basis.

In case, the questions given in the NCERT 9 Class Maths textbook look very less for the practice purpose, then they can use the NCERT Class 9 Exemplar book - it contains HOTS (High order thinking skills) questions.

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Science For All Chapters

CBSE Class 9 students are prescribed the NCERT Science Book and in order to pass the annual examination, they are required to solve the all chapters questions. 

However, due to the huge syllabus and plethora of topics and concepts, students get confused and they struggle in clearing their doubts. That’s why, the CBSE Class 9 Solutions are prepared, it will guide them to clear their doubts and enable them to learn the concepts precisely to score more marks in the examination.

Class Nine Science Book has 15 chapters, the number of chapters in the science textbook is the same as mathematics. All those 15 chapters cover the important topics: The World of The Living, How Things Work, Moving Things, People and Ideas, and more are the crucial topics.

Textbook has explained all those topics in detail but in case students are unable to answer the problems, then they can choose the NCERT Class 9th Science Solutions PDF.

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 Social Science

Class 9 NCERT Solutions of social science plays an incredible role in comprehending the huge list of chapters. There are about 20 chapters in standard IXth sst that is divided into four different subjects. 

In other words, class 9th SST is the combination of 4 different subjects: History, Geography, Political Science, Economics.

In order to learn how to write the answers of these given subjects, students can use the solutions book. It will help them in being aware of techniques to write the answers in an easy to understand manner.

NCERT Solutions For Class 9 English

NCERT Solutions Class 9 For English is a study material that is prepared only for this subject. The solutions will assist students to understand the way of writing the answers.

English is one of the easiest subjects in which students can score good marks. It is the combination of prose and poems that is interesting and useful for learners.

However, sometimes answering the questions can be difficult because it is a literature subject where grammar and other important points play an essential role. Students can refer to the NCERT Solutions of class 9th English to understand all of them.

NCERT Solutions of Class 9 Benefits

Students should pay attention to these given benefits of practising the questions with the help of NCERT Class 9th Solutions -

  • By referring to the solutions the first benefit that a student will experience is a variety of methods to write answers and accurately.
  • The solutions also guide them to write the short and precise answer so that in the final examination they do not need to stumble upon the questions for thinking about the perfect answers.
  • The given solutions are prepared by subject experts, due to the fact that the quality of answers are utmost, Referring to these answer books will enable the students to access the high quality and accurate solutions.
  • With the help of this study resource, pupils can learn to balance the answers by giving the right amount of information while writing the answers.
  • Solving the solutions will guide students to cover the whole syllabus faster and easier without compromising the quality of education.

Using these NCERT Solutions of Class 9th help students a lot in preparing for the board exams by maintaining the accuracy, time management, and quality. It also assists them in preparing according to the marking scheme.

FAQs On NCERT Solutions Class 9

You can get NCERT Class 9th Solutions For Free In PDF from They have chapter wise solutions of all subjects that are prepared by the subject experts.

There are 20 chapters comprising all the four subjects (History, Geography, Economics, Political Science) in class 9th NCERT Social Science Book.

Yes, the CBSE Class 9th NCERT Solutions are sufficient to prepare for the annual exams as it is prepared by referring to the prescribed syllabus.

Yes, NCERT 9th Class Solutions can help you to cover the whole syllabus because the solutions are available here for all subjects that are prescribed to you in your class 9th.

Real Numbers, Polynomials are a few chapters that are easy in class 9th students can easily score good marks in these questions. However, it is advised to practice the questions from all the given chapters whether it is easy or tough.